Muriel Gray informed an audience that my book was “practically the double” of hers. She lied that my book was written “long after” hers. What is the implication of this lie?

My book was written long before hers – I have the evidence to prove it – she employed a team of high class lawyers to prevent me showing my evidence. What is the implication of this?

Why did Muriel Gray refer to me as a “nutter”? What was her purpose in this?

An elaborate deception was undertaken to fake the date of Muriel Gray's book 'The Ancient' as year 2000. No such book of that date exists. Who did this? Why was this done?

[A web search for "Muriel Gray" using Google, Yahoo, Altavista, etc. will give on the very first page of the results, "Muriel Gray lied to the audience" - from there the rest of my website '' is readily accessible.]


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