Support for a lie?

Mr Stephen Theaker, ex Chair of the British Fantasy Society, has made a number of silly comments supporting Muriel Gray. His most recent [Dec 2010] is;-

“Muriel Grey somehow resists the temptation to throw Geoff Widders in a grinder...”…

Normally I would not concern myself with comments that are clearly biased and which carry no element of truth, but, as the recording of Muriel Gray telling her lies to the audience were made at the annual convention of the BFS and Mr Theaker is a member of that society, then I have to wonder about the following;-
How can anybody support Muriel Gray in this instance? – a rich, powerful and successful person who, instead of allowing examination of the simple question, “Which book was written first?” chose to conceal her lies and insults, employing a team of lawyers to protect her from having to appear in court.
My website remains on the internet, its pages including, “Muriel Gray lied to the audience” are pre-eminent in any search for her famous name. If I had stated a single word that was not true would such a famous person as Muriel Gray allow such a site carrying such statements to exist?

[My webpage Support for a lie? examines the matter more fully].


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