5) 'The Ancient' 2000 IS A FABRICATION

'The Ancient' 2000. The book of that date does not exist, the cover does not exist. And yet it is advertised for sale around the world. TWITTER [separate tweets] MURIEL GRAY's book was published 2001. Who fabricated the cover to the same non-existent book dated 2000? MURIEL GRAY QUESTION: Why are booksellers around the world advertising a non-existent book for sale? MURIEL GRAY QUESTION: How can a non-existent book have an ISBN number? MURIEL GRAY QUESTION: HarperCollins know of the non-existent book dated 2000 but did not reply - why not? MURIEL GRAY QUESTION: Can anybody help in tracing the origins of the deliberate deception? The book 'The Ancient


13) Muriel Gray's second appearance as a 'Guest of Honour' at FantasyCon  (Sept 27-30, 2012, Brighton)   - Will she again choose to lie to the audience? As Ms Gray correctly states, I did contact HarperCollins and allege that she had, " stolen my story " she is also correct in stating that her book and my book are;- " PRACTICALLY THE DOUBLE "  Will she again choose to lie to the audience?  Muriel Gray's first appearance as a "Guest of Honour" at FantasyCon [the annual convention of the British Fantasy Society] was eight years ago, that was in September 2004. She is to again attend as a "Guest of Honour" in September 2012. I have detailed in this website ( ) how she lied to the audience during her first appearance.  The audience she lied to in 2004 was composed of members of the public and authors. She was being interviewed by a writer named Paul Kane. She chose to tell lies rega

Support for a lie?

Mr Stephen Theaker, ex Chair of the British Fantasy Society, has made a number of silly comments supporting Muriel Gray. His most recent [Dec 2010] is;- “Muriel Grey somehow resists the temptation to throw Geoff Widders in a grinder...”… Normally I would not concern myself with comments that are clearly biased and which carry no element of truth, but, as the recording of Muriel Gray telling her lies to the audience were made at the annual convention of the BFS and Mr Theaker is a member of that society, then I have to wonder about the following;-   How can anybody support Muriel Gray in this instance? – a rich, powerful and successful person who, instead of allowing examination of the simple question, “Which book was written first?” chose to conceal her lies and insults, employing a team of lawyers to protect her from having to appear in court.   My website remains on the internet, its pages including, “Muriel Gray lied to the audience” are pre-eminent in any

Muriel Gray lied

I wrote to HarperCollins and said, "she's stolen my story." Muriel Gray told the audience that my book was, "practically the double" but then lied to the audience about the dates. She lied that I wrote my book "long after" hers. Why did she lie?

Why did Muriel Gray lie?

Muriel Gray lied about the date that she wrote her book and the date that I wrote my book. Why did she lie? Muriel Gray is a famous author, broadcaster and businesswoman; she presents programs about the arts and literature on both TV and radio, she was Chair the Orange Awards for literature, etc.etc. and yet she lied to the audience about the date that she wrote her book and the date that I wrote my book. Check out the facts, listen to her lie and decide why she lied at .

Listen to Muriel Gray's lie to the audience

Muriel Gray; Chair of the Orange Awards, writer, broadcaster, companies director, etc. told an audience that "this guy" had complained to HarperCollins that she had "stolen my story." Muriel Gray told the audience that the guy's book was "practically the double" of hers, but that he had written his book "long after" hers. She told the audience the guy "was a nutter." Muriel Gray worked the audience up to a "big laugh." Muriel Gray had in fact lied to the audience about the date of the guy's work. I am the "guy." Here's what she said [55 secs]

"the best investigative journalism in the field today”

8 Sept 2010 Jim Steel has now added to his article Ansible 275 . He describes it as an, "attempt to summarize a long story" - it was not a summary, it was a deliberate attempt to ridicule and distort the true facts.