“the best investigative journalism in the field today”

On 5 Aug 2010 I sent the following email to all my contacts;-

The internet magazine article Ansible 275 states that I issued a claim against Muriel Gray;-

“...asking not for damages but for an official ruling that Muriel Gray had told a fib and should jolly well be ashamed of herself.”

I have presented detailed accounts of my claim against Ms Gray, I have detailed the events of three court hearings, nowhere have I referred to my claim in terms of a “fib” or asking the court to rule that Ms Gray “should jolly well be ashamed of herself”.

In all my correspondence and on hewasanutter.com I state clearly that Muriel Gray lied.

The author of the article is referred to as “[JS]”, the article is linked to from Jim Steel's website – the link states;-

Ansible 275

For the best investigative journalism in the field today.”

If this is an example of investigative journalism then I think that the author of the article, “should jolly well be ashamed of themselves.”

Flight of the Shaman

My book has now been placed with Scribd (the link to the book is instant) where it can be viewed online.

Thank you for your continuing interest in this matter.

Geoff Widders



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