A discussion regarding the issues reported in 'he was a nutter.com'

Before adding to this blog please could you ensure that you have read my "COMMENT TWO"


  1. I have had to remove a series of comments, reason;- they were not genuine but came from an "Anonymous" person with an indepth knowledge of these matters. Facts were being twisted and manipulated by that "Anonymous" person. The "Anonymous" person was also positing questions and challenges based upon complex arguments which ignored the simple fact;- Ms Gray stated, in public and on the internet, that my work was written "long after" hers. That was a lie. If it is not a lie then surely Ms Gray and her legal team would have acted to prevent my declaring the address of this site to the public at large. Instead, as the GW Comments page of my site shows, I did not receive a single word of objection.

  2. Thank you for emailing me with the address of your site.

    To quote you: "I said that I had 'absolute proof of the date of my work as 1998'." Could you post that proof on here? I assume you produced it in court.

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  4. Dear Ramsey

    Thank you for your comment - I wrote to you because you were present when Ms Gray gave her interview at Fantasycon in 2004. She spoke to you in your capacity as a writer of horror; she also asked you a direct question during her interview to which you gave her a reply.

    You "assume" that I produced the proof of the date of my work in court. It is an assumption that any honest person would reasonably make. That did not happen. Muriel Gray's legal team made sure that the dates of our works were never discussed. I never had the opportunity to produce any of my evidence.

    I went to the Small Claims Court thinking that it would be a simple matter of us both producing our evidence - Ms Gray appealed against doing so. We went to the County Court - I repeatedly asked that we both produce our evidence - again the legal team avoided doing so. We then went to the Court of Appeal - again I asked that we produce our evidence - again the legal team avoided doing so.

  5. Muriel Gray’s solicitors would have spoken at length to all concerned in this matter, to decide how they were going to defend against your allegations, that Muriel Gray lied when she said your book was written after hers was in print. Obviously the solicitors must have determined that they had no defence otherwise they would have opposed your claim in court, but you ended up paying the costs, this seems crazy.

  6. Dear Anonymous

    Thanks for your comment. MG actually said "long after" not just "after." I say that my book was written three years before hers, I wonder how many years she meant by “long after”?

  7. I have added to my website regarding the date of my work, check out http://www.hewasanutter.com/proof.html. If Muriel Gray would like us to return to court and show the evidence of the dates of our work I am happy to do so - that is what I wanted when I issued my claim against her. | have stated some of the dates I am able to prove, they include 1998 and 1994. I have not provided the full detailed evidence of those dates, the internet is not the forum for me to engage in a matter of evidence - evidence that should have been examined in court.


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