Muriel Gray's High Court claim 17 Dec 09 against Geoff Widders

Should "famous people" be able to lie with impunity?

Friday, 26 November 2010

Muriel Gray lied

I wrote to HarperCollins and said, "she's stolen my story."
Muriel Gray told the audience that my book was, "practically the double" but then lied to the audience about the dates. She lied that I wrote my book "long after" hers.
Why did she lie?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Why did Muriel Gray lie?

Muriel Gray lied about the date that she wrote her book and the date that I wrote my book. Why did she lie?
Muriel Gray is a famous author, broadcaster and businesswoman; she presents programs about the arts and literature on both TV and radio, she was Chair the Orange Awards for literature, etc.etc. and yet she lied to the audience about the date that she wrote her book and the date that I wrote my book.

Check out the facts, listen to her lie and decide why she lied at

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Listen to Muriel Gray's lie to the audience

Muriel Gray; Chair of the Orange Awards, writer, broadcaster, companies director, etc. told an audience that "this guy" had complained to HarperCollins that she had "stolen my story."

Muriel Gray told the audience that the guy's book was "practically the double" of hers, but that he had written his book "long after" hers. She told the audience the guy "was a nutter."

Muriel Gray worked the audience up to a "big laugh."

Muriel Gray had in fact lied to the audience about the date of the guy's work.

I am the "guy."

Here's what she said [55 secs]

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

"the best investigative journalism in the field today”

8 Sept 2010
Jim Steel has now added to his article Ansible 275. He describes it as an, "attempt to summarize a long story" - it was not a summary, it was a deliberate attempt to ridicule and distort the true facts.

Monday, 6 September 2010


Muriel Gray informed an audience that my book was “practically the double” of hers. She lied that my book was written “long after” hers. What is the implication of this lie?

My book was written long before hers – I have the evidence to prove it – she employed a team of high class lawyers to prevent me showing my evidence. What is the implication of this?

Why did Muriel Gray refer to me as a “nutter”? What was her purpose in this?

An elaborate deception was undertaken to fake the date of Muriel Gray's book 'The Ancient' as year 2000. No such book of that date exists. Who did this? Why was this done?

[A web search for "Muriel Gray" using Google, Yahoo, Altavista, etc. will give on the very first page of the results, "Muriel Gray lied to the audience" - from there the rest of my website '' is readily accessible.]

Saturday, 7 August 2010

“the best investigative journalism in the field today”

On 5 Aug 2010 I sent the following email to all my contacts;-

The internet magazine article Ansible 275 states that I issued a claim against Muriel Gray;-

“...asking not for damages but for an official ruling that Muriel Gray had told a fib and should jolly well be ashamed of herself.”

I have presented detailed accounts of my claim against Ms Gray, I have detailed the events of three court hearings, nowhere have I referred to my claim in terms of a “fib” or asking the court to rule that Ms Gray “should jolly well be ashamed of herself”.

In all my correspondence and on I state clearly that Muriel Gray lied.

The author of the article is referred to as “[JS]”, the article is linked to from Jim Steel's website – the link states;-

Ansible 275

For the best investigative journalism in the field today.”

If this is an example of investigative journalism then I think that the author of the article, “should jolly well be ashamed of themselves.”

Flight of the Shaman

My book has now been placed with Scribd (the link to the book is instant) where it can be viewed online.

Thank you for your continuing interest in this matter.

Geoff Widders


Saturday, 31 July 2010

"Flight of the Shaman" - view it online.

The rich and successful author, Muriel Gray, told an audience of writers and members of the public, that my book, "Flight of the Shaman" was "practically the double" of her book. She lied that my book was written "long after" hers. The matter ended up in the Court of Appeal.

Flight of the Shaman

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Muriel Gray : "one of the most insulting things"

I have added a webpage entitled, Muriel Gray : "one of the most insulting things.” It includes the following;-

Ms Gray had managed to work the unsuspecting audience up into a “big laugh” - she achieved the “big laugh” by means of lies and misrepresentation, viz: she lied about the dates of our work, and, although she did not mention me by name, she lied that I am a “nutter.” She then misrepresented the HarperCollins reply.

Following Ms Gray stating that my book is “practically the double” of her book, she informed the audience that she disagreed with what she had stated to be the HarperCollins lawyers opinion;-

Muriel Gray: “So stuff the Harper Collins lawyers and their clichés. Being a lawyer there’s a cliché. Don’t give me clichés.”

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Letter to Ms Gray, her legal team, and HarperCollins

I have added a letter entitled, “A tomorrow’s chip wrapper affair”, to my website. The letter begins;-

In 2001 my brother heard Muriel Gray in an interview on BBC radio in which she was promoting her (soon-to-be-published) book 'The Ancient'. He listened to her discussing and expounding upon her book... and told me that it sounded so remarkably similar to my book, 'Flight of the Shaman,' that I should “check it out.” I checked it out and came to the conclusion that, in Ms Gray's own words, the two books were “practically the double” and that, “she's stolen my story.” I then contacted HarperCollins, sending them a number of detailed letters that listed the similarities.

Monday, 14 June 2010


An elaborate deception has taken place to fabricate the published date of ‘The Ancient’ as 2000, a false cover has been fabricated as part of that deception. Sellers throughout the world have been deceived into advertising a book which does not exist. I informed HarperCollins and Muriel Gray (and her legal team) check out my full letter

Monday, 31 May 2010

'The Ancient 2000 does not exist'

An "Anonymous" blogger informed me that Ms Gray's book 'The Ancient' was published in 2000 - NOT 2001 as I had stated - it is advertised for sale on the internet around the world dated 2000. I was suspicious. I have investigated and have been able to prove that the book dated 2000 does not exist. Check out 'The Ancient 2000 does not exist'

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Proof of dates 1998 and 1994

I have added to my website regarding the date of my work, check out If Muriel Gray would like us to return to court and show the evidence of the dates of our work I am happy to do so - that is what I wanted when I issued my claim against her.

I have stated some of the dates I am able to prove, they include 1998 and 1994. I have not provided the full detailed evidence of those dates, the internet is not the forum for me to engage in a matter of evidence - evidence that should have been examined in court.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A discussion regarding the issues reported in 'he was a'

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